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Old 04-24-2017, 03:19 AM
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Default "A well regulated militia ... "

The anti-gun people like to toss out these first four words of the Second Amendment to "prove" that the Framers did not intend for the right to be individually held but rather for the people to "keep" arms in a central militia armory and "bear" them only when called to militia duty. Could they be right, even in part? To answer that, we need to understand what the phrase well regulated meant in that time.

Quite obviously the anti's believe to has to do with strict government control, but a look at other uses of the phrase does not support that opinion. Examine these uses of the phrase and ask yourself if government is involved at all:

"A liberal education has formed in us well regulated Appetites and worthy intentions."

"A well regulated clock immediately shows superiority to a sun dial in all ways, save perhaps the decorative."

"All well regulated people will doubtless blame the Mayor for the state of the Township treasury."

The above were all common usages in 1789 and indeed, for a long period prior to that date and for the better part of a century after. It referred to something that was functioning properly, calibrated correctly, or functioning as expected! In no case can it be found to apply to government interfering with a right guaranteed the people in the Constitution! In point of fact, as the Framers made abundantly clear, the entire Bill of Rights enumerated those things the federal government was forbidden to do, things that were "natural rights" of the people; in short, what the Framers considered God-given rights held by all people!

The next time someone uses the "it''s for militias, not individuals" crap, you can refute it. If that person doesn't believe you, challenge them to look up the meaning of well regulated as it was understood in 1789!
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Doc  (04-24-2017)
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Default Re: "A well regulated militia ... "

Awesome post DS.
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